Why have you become a candidate for the Reynoldsburg City Schools Board of Education, and what qualifications or unique considerations make you an especially good school board candidate?
    Following the strike in 2014, and seeing the effect it had on our kids and community, I felt I needed to step up and help make a difference. I know a lot of us feel that it’s time for a change.
    I was a Band Booster Trustee from 2012-2016. We operated with a balanced budget (totally self-sufficient!), wrote policies and procedures, and still managed to represent Reynoldsburg with pride. Integrity and honesty are very important to me and as an Eagle Scout – I have been raised to be trustworthy and respectful. I’m fiscally responsible and have a vested interest (my own kids and residence) in the well-being of our community. Before moving to Reynoldsburg, I was the liaison for Parish Council at All Saints Academy for 2 years. 
    I believe in our schools – our kids deserve the best we can give them while being financially responsible. 

What do you believe to be the most important issues facing Reynoldsburg schools? 
    We have lots of challenges facing us. As a candidate, my stance is that I’m here for you – I need to know what YOU want me to represent to the Board. What your concerns are. 
    As a parent I have many concerns – district-wide communication both internally and with the community, 21st century technology that can be used as a tool to enhance the education of our kids, class size, Educator salaries, how our taxes are spent, are we getting the best deal for equipment, that our kids are safe in school, are our school policies in-line with best practices, are we over-testing our students, are our Teachers adequately prepared to teach, are our Teachers “graded” fairly so that they can be compensated correctly? I’m sure there are more and I’m happy to discuss…

What role do you feel teachers and other school employees should play in the decisions of the Reynoldsburg City Schools Board?
    The Teachers and school staff are our eyes and ears into what’s going on in the schools. We need them. We need them to be able to come to us with problems, with solutions, with suggestions – and we have to HEAR them – just as they need to hear US. We can’t do it alone – and neither can we expect them to. It’s got to be a TEAM effort.

What ideas do you have for ensuring all children in Reynoldsburg City Schools have an opportunity for a high quality public education? 
    I’d like to see a balanced school day. One that can incorporate all the subjects with enough depth to be challenging and meet the required standards. I’d like to see classes with the number of students that’s prudent for that topic. I want to see technology used as a tool to educate – not a replacement for teaching.

What are your ideas for making Reynoldsburg’s public schools safer for students and employees?
    We've studied current trends and have our safety staff at the ready to mitigate incidents as they arise. We've taken steps to help proactively prevent issues by requiring photo ID's for visitors, increased video surveillance in our schools, trained teachers/staff students and parents about bullying (and how to better identify it!) and have fostered an improved relationship with the Reynoldsburg Police Dept (one I hope to continue to foster!). 

What is your position on PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option)?
    I am in favor of any means of continued and challenging education. If a student has done well enough to complete High School classes, I think we owe it to them to make the option for college level courses available.

What do you do in your free time?
    My wife and I love to ride our motorcycle - it's the best way to "disconnect" from work! I enjoy spending time outdoors - we enjoy camping and hiking as a family. We've traveled from Ohio all the way to Montana and plan on traveling to The Grand Canyon next year. 

I'd like to hear from you!
Send me your thoughts and concerns - let's talk about them - I'll add them here!